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A document in french explaining in details the design of the programm can be found here . It is not very "up-to-date" with current sources but is a very good starting point if you want to understand a design choice.
Design Doc

The project has been written in java 1.4 using Eclipse 2.1.3
The Analyzer parses your  uninternationalised source code with the ANTL librairie (
The 2 grammar files (I18N.g used for parsing java code, & I18NComments.g used for parsing I18N Markups in the code) were edited using the antlr plugin for eclipse ( It provides syntax hilighting and regenerates the java files as you modify your grammar.
The GUI were made using the Visual Editor plugin for Eclipse (

If you want to edit the diagramms, please download the dia files and use the Dia editor (

Here's the content af a AaA file.
download dia file for diagramm

download dia file for diagramm