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Prologia-I18N is an open-source tool allowing easy internationalization of your java source code.
Prologia-I18N is under GPL license.

User Manual :
a must read in order to understanf what is Prologia-I18N and how to use it for internationalizing your sources.

Hacking the sources :
read it if you want to understand the internals of the program. You'll find UML diagramms and explanation
allowing you have a clear look at what happens and how. If you wish to modify the programm and help
the community, start here !

Download :
please use the project's page to download the latest sources or executable files.

Feel free to ask any question or comment about the project in the public forum or contact directly the admin at:
sbonvois ||AT|| insa-rouen ||DOT|| fr
Francois ||DOT|| Marot ||AT|| Laposte ||DOT|| net

Prologia I18N was first designed to internationalize the BAMBOO programm written by Prologia,
and first released in August 2004 on sourceForge.

License for Prologia-I18N

Prologia I18N is under GPL licence. See the licence here.

    Prologia-I18N is an open source program released under the FSF GPL license. You
can find the complete license document either on the Web server of the Free
Software Foundation.
    Releasing Prologia-I18N under the GPL license means, that you can use and modify
the source code of Prologia-I18N in your own GPL or GPL-compatible Open Source
projects. Simply using Prologia-I18N for internationalization of a project does
not imply anything for the license of that particular project. As you may
use the gcc C compiler to create closed source or proprietary software, you
can take Prologia-I18N to work on your closed source/proprietary program to
localize it.